Surveying is necessary to set order in property, roads, and the physical world around us.  It is the science of measuring and mapping, and while the scope of disciplines of surveying are quite vast, it's basically determining where things are and where boundaries belong.

Surveyors measure anything on land, in the sky, or on the ocean floor. They then put all of this factual data in titles, leases, and legal documents. Survey drawings are often recorded at the county Recorder's or county Engineer's office, and used by public agencies to track property ownership and assist in property valuation for tax purposes. Surveyors also play a major role in land development, from the planning and design of subdivisions, through to the final construction of roads, utilities, and landscaping. They are essential to the construction industry, and their work is important to other professionals, like engineers, architects, geologists, and planners.

Professional land surveyors are licensed by the state in which they practice and must follow state laws which were enacted to protect the interests and welfare of the public. Professional land surveyors are also governed by a code of ethics. At Pritchard Land Surveying, Inc., we constantly remind ourselves that surveying is a profession first and a business second. We have chosen to remain small in order to dedicate the professional attention that our clients deserve.